H.H. Johnson | Author

Her Hero, by H.H. Johnson

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Format: eBook | Words: 22,000

A woman must be strong. Like a fortress. It's the only way she can withstand all the bull and the sh*t the world throws along her way.

The Year is 2024. It is the Age of the Vanishings - bossy men are vanishing from the surface of the earth. One after another. No one knows how or why.

Kayla and Josef have finally married after years of dating. In all those years of dating, Josef had behaved like the perfect gentleman - a good listener, treats a woman like an equal. Amazing!

But it was all pretend. Turns out, Josef is one bossy guy. And he doesn't seem to be worried about the vanishings of bossy guys just like himself. Josef is determined to continue bossing Kayla. Morning, noon and night. Every single day. No days off for good behavior.

Will bossy Josef vanish as well? Will Kayla lose her husband, and will their three adopted little girls lose a father?

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About The Author

H.H. Johnson lives in Miami, a city where the inhabitants are prone to random acts of consensual violence and of consensual sex. Miami, the city of excessive excess. An outrageous place.

The author hopes that you enjoyed this story. The author will not, under any circumstance, get upset if you tell everyone you know that you enjoyed this story—enjoyed it outrageously, of course.

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